kein mensch ist illegal hamburg

"Ihr sollt wissen, daß kein Mensch illegal ist.
Das ist ein Widerspruch in sich. Menschen können schön sein oder noch schöner. Sie können gerecht sein oder ungerecht. Aber illegal? Wie kann ein Mensch illegal sein?"

Elie Wiesel

Dienstag, 12. April 2016

Idomeni the day after...

This is just a small number of shells that brought tears to so many eyes in‪#‎Idomeni‬ last week. What Macedonian police did to the refugees was unacceptable. AYS strongly condemns using teargas, rubber bullets and shock grenades against the victims of war and other unarmed people. We also condemn closing of international borders for those who seek safety. But at the same time, we must accept the reality: Macedonian border will not open any time soon. Those who try to breach it will never be able to fight military ammo. Both kids and grownups choked on teargas for so many times already. Let's try to prevent more tears together: by fighting rumors with facts. The sad fact is - the border remains closed.
Photos by: Giannis Papanikos, Fotomovimiento