kein mensch ist illegal hamburg

"Ihr sollt wissen, daß kein Mensch illegal ist.
Das ist ein Widerspruch in sich. Menschen können schön sein oder noch schöner. Sie können gerecht sein oder ungerecht. Aber illegal? Wie kann ein Mensch illegal sein?"

Elie Wiesel

Freitag, 8. April 2016

Reporting of the second deportation process in Mytilene, Friday 8-4-16

three activists protesting in front of the  boat while  the deportation  starts for Turkey.

text from Platanos here and more fotos:

Today at the break of dawn began the second process of deportation, from
the harbour of Mitilini, while 174 individuals (100 from Kos, 29 from
Samos and 45 from Mitilini) were led to Dikeli, accompanied by an equal
number of body guards, that each one was in charge of the “safety” of
the transported.
Since the night before, the harbour of Mitilini was closed off by forces
of Riot police. As the hours passed the presence of police in the area
became progressively more intense.
People in solidarity that recognized the upcoming deportation, began to
gather at the point, in order to stand by the side of these persons
whose only mistake to receive this kind of treatment, was to be born in…
the wrong point of the map.
Around 7am, the buses that had left earlier from the harbour to the
detention centre of Moria, returned in order to begin loading the 45
migrants onto the ship “Lesvos ” of the Turyol company, which was
completed under the sounds of solidarity from the gathered people, but
not without confrontation with certain patriotic residents who hurried
to vomit their racist poison.
People in solidarity also dove in the harbour, swimming up to the boat
in a symbolic movement of protest toward the deportation, without
causing any certain essential hindrance of the process, while the
coastguard did not lose occasion to show their dominating demeanor,
demanding verifications for nonsense reasons even from journalists.
Around 10am, and after the amount of the gathered people had withdrawn
from the region, the second phase of the deportation of 129 migrants
from Samos and Kos, took place with the transport by Terra Jet that is
shipped from the ministry of shipping, in the boat “Nazli Zalem” of the
Zalem tour company,
Ιt should be noted that the two boats were also boarded by squads of
Riot police to insure that no possible incidents could be created from
the detainees.